Arvada Ballot
Question 3E

Ballot Question 3E- Passed
Initiative Procedures
Chapter V, Section 5.13

The current Arvada City Charter states:

"The petition must be filed with the City Clerk within thirty (30) days the form [from] the date the notice of intent is filed with the City Clerk."

A YES vote will increase the time for citizens to gather the signatures needed to file an Initiative Petition from 30 days to 60 days.

    • An Initiative is the way that citizens can directly place a proposed ordinance on the ballot. If a valid petition is filed, the City Council is given the opportunity to pass the ordinance, and if it does not do so, the question of whether the ordinance should be adopted is placed on the ballot for a vote of our citizens.

    • A valid petition requires a number of signatures based upon a percentage of the registered voters in the City. Given the City of Arvada's population growth, the Charter Review Committee believes that allowing more time for the filing of an Initiative Petition is reasonable.


Shall Chapter V, Section 5.13, “Initiative Procedures,” of the Arvada City Charter concerning procedures for submitting initiative petitions, be amended by increasing the amount of time permitted to gather signatures on an initiative petition from 30 days to 60 days?

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