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Arvada Charter Changes on the Ballot November 2nd
Citizens committee recommends changes to the Arvada City Charter

ARVADA, CO.On November 2nd Arvada voters will be asked four ballot questions to change the City of Arvada Charter. The Arvada Charter is reviewed every 10 years by a committee of Arvada citizens and can only be changed by Arvada voters. On the ballot this November 2021 are four ballot questions for voters to consider pertaining to the length of time to fill a city council vacancy, removing a prohibition on council eligibility and extending the timeframe for citizens to submit signatures for a referendum or initiative. These are Arvada ballot questions 3C, 3D, 3E and 3F.

"Arvada is the only Colorado city I know of that performs a comprehensive review of its charter every ten years." says Mark McGoff, Chair of the 2021 Charter Review Committee. “Our City Council appointed 20 diverse representatives from the Arvada community ensuring that our charter evolves to meet the needs of the community.”

A yes vote on ballot questions 3C will allow an Arvada resident, who is employed by another municipality, to run for and be elected to the Arvada City Council. A yes vote on 3D will provide more time for citizens to become aware of and apply for a vacancy on the Arvada City Council, as well as provide the council more time for review of the applicants to make a final selection. A yes vote on 3E and 3F will provide more time for Arvada citizens to file petitions for Initiatives and Referendums.

“The Charter Citizens Review committee worked for four months to complete a comprehensive review of the current city charter,” said Arvada City Council member John Marriott. “The final recommendations put before the council were reasonable and I look forward to seeing these issues on the ballot for Arvada citizens to consider this November.”

More information about the Arvada ballot issues can be found at or by contacting Mark McGoff, Chair of the 2021 Arvada Charter Review Committee at 303-945-0059 or via email at

Mark McGoff

Mark McGoff served as the Chair of the 2021 Arvada Chart Review Committee. Please contact Mark with any questions you may have.

Katie Winner

Katie Winner was a member of the 2021 Arvada Charter Review Committee. Katie created this website to help educate the Arvada community about the ballot questions.

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